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image of ZinderLocated in southern Niger, Zinder is not far from the border with Nigeria. It’s the second-largest city in the country and though some parts are somewhat modern, the old quarter is quite primitive. That is what draws most visitors to Zinder; to see a very different lifestyle and culture.

The local Zinder Airport (airport code: ZND) is no longer serving any commercial airlines so does not accept any flights to Zinder. The Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport (code: KAN) is the alternative for flights to Zinder, however it is 200 kilometres away, and across the border in Nigeria. Coming from South Africa there are two choices for 1-stop flights, with either Egyptair or South African Airways. They both have the same connection in Cairo. You can also fly with Ethiopian Airlines and travel through Addis Ababa and Lagos. The flights are still all roughly the same length at 27 hours long.

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The Tourist Attractions of Zinder:

Though the majority of the country is Muslim, there are few cultural restrictions. Alcohol is commonly served, and women are not expected to wear head-coverings. French is often spoken but do not expect everyone to be fluent in it.

Zinder Great Mosque

While not as huge as some other mosques, the Great Mosque in Zinder is still an impressive building, and one of the city’s main landmarks. The outer walls are mud brick and there are two pale blue towers.

Zinder Museum

Zinder Museum is only a small facility (just 2 rooms) but you can see a unique collection of local artefacts relating to the Hausa culture.


The Zinder market is to the east of the centre of town. Like a typical African open-air market, you can buy many different things such as fruit, vegetables, clothing, souvenirs and more. There is usually a vendor or two selling camels as well, though most animals are sold in a separate market outside of the city.

Sultan’s Palace

The Sultan’s Palace is still an important building in Zinder and many people still come to the Sultan for legal advice. It may not seem like a typical palace at first glance, given the simple mud and stucco design, but it is one of the main attractions in Zinder. There are usually traditionally dressed guards outside and the building was constructed in 1852.

Artisan Centre

At the south-eastern part of the city, the Artisan Centre gives you a chance to see some of the local craftspeople at work. Makers of silver jewellery, silk fabrics, baskets and more are available to watch, and you can buy their crafts before you leave.

Birnin Quarter

Both the Great Mosque and the Sultan’s Palace are in the older part of Zinder, which is the Birnin Quarter. The buildings are typically mud in this neighbourhood, from the original Hausa architecture that dates to the 18th century.

When Should You Visit?:

The climate in Zinder is dry and very hot. Some months really should be avoided due to the extreme heat. It will reach 40C (104F) from April until early June. Most other months will be 35C (95F) or above, except for December and January. These winter months will reach 29C (84F) instead. Because of the heat, always have water with you when out exploring.

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