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image of BoBo is Sierra Leone’s second largest city, and it is located in the south-central part of the country. Once under British rule, the official language for the country is English and you should not have trouble finding people who do speak English in Bo. It is not a rich or modern city, and electricity supplies can be a little sporadic at times. Even so, there is a lot of culture to be seen and the people of this city are known to be friendly and very hospitable to travellers.

The Bo Airport (airport code: KBS) doesn’t handle international flights to Bo, so you will have better luck if you arrange to land at the Lungi International Airport (code: FNA) which is in Freetown (175km away). You may be able to get a local flight to Bo with Eagle Air once you are in Freetown. Flying from South Africa, Kenya Airways will have a connection in Nairobi, and South African Airways makes their transfer in Lagos. You can also get a flight with Virgin Atlantic that goes through London.

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The Tourist Attractions of Bo:

Kangari Hills Forest Reserve
Just north of Bo is the Kangari Hills Forest Reserve, known for its population of rare forest elephants. There are also many species of monkey in the forest, including some small groups of chimpanzees. With forests, hills and watersheds, this is a very diverse region with a lot of interesting landscape though the park is not really maintained for tourism. There are some roads that travel through the park as well as many paths created by local villagers.

South Kambui Hills Forest Reserve
If you head east from the city, you will soon come to the South Kambui Hills Forest Reserve. It is a very hilly region with heavy forests as well as some grassland areas and wetlands. There are hundreds of bird species living in the park as well as a few chimpanzees and other species of monkey. You may also get a glimpse of elephants and duikers.

Though it is at least 4 hours away on a good road, Freetown might make a good daytrip from Bo. You may also want to see the city before heading to Bo if you have arrived at the airport there. There are several historical museums, a chimpanzee sanctuary and a number of excellent sandy beaches along the nearby coast. The Western Area National Park is also just south of Freetown with additional forest areas to see. The chimp sanctuary is in the park, and you can see more local wildlife such as duikers, other monkeys and possibly even a leopard or two.

When Should You Visit?:

The weather in Bo is hot and will be whenever you go. It is almost always above 30C (86F), except during July and August when it is more like 28C (82F). It is also the rainiest during these months. Temperatures are slightly hotter in March when it will usually reach 35C (95F) in the daytime. Most nights will cool off enough to be more comfortable though, no matter what month it is.

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