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Flights to Sierra Leone

image of Sierra LeoneSierra Leone is a West African country, sitting on the Atlantic Ocean coastline, and bordering with Guinea and Liberia. A terrible civil war ended in 2001, and though the country is now more politically stabilised tourism is yet to have taken off here, despite the huge potential the country offers.

Flights to Sierra Leone from South Africa are welcomed in the Freetown-Lungi International Airport (airport code: FNA), just outside Freetown, the capital city. Your journey will require at least one connecting flight. South African Airways, Kenya Airways, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic Airways, and BMI are among the airlines that offer one stop flights to Sierra Leone from South Africa. Travellers can also choose from airlines such as Precision Air, Lufthansa and Air Tanzania also, but these will fly via two stops.

Freetown-Lungi International Airport is located in Lungi, which is across the Sierra Leone River from the capital city, Freetown. Being across the river makes getting into the city a little inconvenient because the journey must be done by hovercraft, ferry or helicopter.

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The Tourist Attractions of Sierra Leone:

Sierra Leone’s capital and largest city is Freetown, situated on a peninsula on the coast. Although the city suffered during the civil war it is getting back on its feet again and makes an excellent place to visit and enjoy several different attractions.

Freetown has some great beaches, and the more remote ones benefit from the fact that they are unspoilt and undeveloped. However if tourism does take off this may soon change. Lumley Beach is perhaps the most developed as this one is directly in front of the city. The beautiful white sandy beach has some hotels, restaurants, clubs and shops lining it as well as a golf course.

In the city a number of attractions include the Sierra Leone Museum, the National Rail Museum, colonial houses set on stilts, other historical buildings, Charlotte Falls and more.

Natural Attractions of Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone has some beautiful and lush areas inland from the coast, many of which have been designated as Forest Reserves. As yet Sierra Leone has just one national park though another five have been proposed. If these are approved then this fact is bound to help boost the tourism market in Sierra Leone.

Outamba-Kilimi National Park is in the north west of the country, and has been a national park since 1986. Visitors to the area can camp or stay in some rustic huts. The park is a mixture of savannah and jungle and has a fairly wide variety of wildlife. This includes wart hogs, elephants, chimpanzees, colobus monkeys, hippos, pygmy hippos, bongo antelopes and many different bird species.

When Should You Visit?:

Visitors will enjoy a tropical climate in Sierra Leone, giving warm but humid temperatures throughout the year. There is a wet and a dry season here. The rainy season when most of Sierra Leone’s rain falls, is from April to September with the peak in July and August. From October to March you can usually be guaranteed hot and sunny days.

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