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image of FreetownLocated on the coast of Sierra Leone, Freetown is the country’s capital and largest city, and its centre for finance, economy and culture. Named for the fact that the town was established by freed slaves, the original parts of the city offer historical attractions, plus there are museums and beaches to enjoy too.

Flights to Freetown come to the Freetown-Lungi International Airport (airport code: FNA), which is in the town of Lungi and across the river from Freetown. There are water taxis and ferries to get to and from the city. From Johannesburg, flights to Freetown usually have 1 connection. South African Airways connects in Dakar, and Ethiopian Airlines has stops in both Addis Ababa and Accra for their route. A flight to Freetown with Virgin Atlantic or British Airways will stop in London, though considering the extra distance this route would cover, an African connection would be more sensible.

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The Tourist Attractions of Freetown:

Freetown is gaining in popularity as a tourist destination as it has the tourism infrastructure to go with it. There are plenty of nice hotels, restaurants and even some nightlife here to enjoy, along with a good selection of shops.

Freetown’s Historic Attractions
Both freed British slaves and American slaves were sent to Freetown to start their new lives, and it was a group known as the Nova Scotia Settlers who are credited with establishing the new colony that was originally called Settler Town in 1792. This remains the oldest part of Freetown today. The best known landmark isn’t actually a building but a tree! The Cotton Tree is believed to be the same cotton tree that was standing here in on the day the settlers first arrived, when they walked up to the tree and held a service to give thanks for arriving safely, so it’s associated with the founding of Freetown.

Historical buildings include the St John’s Maroon Church, built in 1820, and St George’s Cathedral which was completed just a few years later in 1828. Another religious landmark is the Foulah Town Mosque.

Museums in Freetown
Freetown has a couple of museums that you might like to visit for more insight into the history of the city. The National Railway Museum is home to a special train coach built for the visit of Queen Elizabeth II in 1961, while the Sierra Leone Museum looks at the culture and history of the country.

Beaches in Freetown
Freetown has some lovely beaches which you’ll find are quieter than those in neighbouring countries. The beachs are becoming more popular though, as more and more tourists discover what Freetown has to offer, but you’ll find plenty of space and serenity on them right now!

Lumley Beach is the main city beach, and this one is developed, but quieter ones can be found a little further out from the city centre. Lakka Beach, No. 2 River Beach and Toke Beach are very good.

When Should You Visit?:

Freetown is quite hot and relatively wet across the year, but the main rainy season occurs from May to October. Average high temperatures don’t change too much from month to month, peaking in March and April at 35C, then dropping by a few degrees the rest of the year.

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