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image of KenemaKenema is the third largest city in Sierra Leone, and is located in the eastern portion of the country and only an hour away from the larger city of Bo. Kenema is fairly simple, with some tourist amenities though there is nothing fancy here. The main roads are dirt and most people get around on foot or on bicycle. Most things to see are outside of the city.

The small Kenema Airport (airport code: KEN) only handles domestic flights to Kenema with Eagle Air. You can fly to Freetown and then get a local flight to Kenema with Eagle Air from there, which is about 300km away. In Freetown, you’ll come to the Lungi International Airport (code: FNA) and there are several airlines to choose from. British Midland and Virgin Atlantic both have a connection in London, and South African Airways has their stop in Dakar.

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The Tourist Attractions of Kenema:

Within the City
There are few attractions to see right in Kenema itself, though you should spend some time just seeing the city while you are there. People are very friendly and life is busy. There is a lovely blue and white mosque and a vibrant marketplace as well.

Kambui Hills Forest Reserve
The Kambui Hills Forest Reserve is right on the borders of Kenema, and has a north and south portion. The hilly region is covered in thick forests and is home to monkeys and a small population of chimpanzees. In the more open grassland areas you can sometimes see small duiker antelope and even an elephant or two.

Kangari Hills Forest Reserve
The larger Kangari Hills Forest Reserve is to the north-west of Kenema, and within a 2 hour drive of the city though some of the roads may be rough once you leave the main highway. There are many green landscapes here, including forests, hills and wetlands. Animals here are similar to in the Kambui Hills Park but there are more of them. You can see chimpanzees and other species of monkey as well as a sizable population of forest elephants. There are some paths through the park for walking but they have been created by local villagers and not actually maintained by any park staff.

Gola Forest Reserve
The long and narrow Gola Forest Reserve is south of Kenema and is broken into several portions (west, east and north). It continues across the border with Liberia as the Lofa-Mano National Park. This is another hilly park that is more rugged than the other two already mentioned. It is mostly covered in rainforest and there are several rivers flowing through the area. Birds are abundant through the park, and you can also see some chimpanzees, colobus monkeys, forest elephants, buffalo, hippos and several kinds of duiker.

When Should You Visit?:

Kenema is hot and can also be very humid and rainy, though the rainfall does vary across the year. Almost the entire year will be above 30C (86F) though it does reach 33C (91F) in March. There is a slightly cooler period in July and August but that is when the rains peak so it is not a great time to plan a trip. The best time would be January and December when it is not at its hottest and is also very dry.

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