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Flights to Koidu Town

image of Koidu TownKoidu Town (also known as just Koidu, or as Sefadu) is in eastern Sierra Leone and is the 4th largest city in the country. Attractions in Koidu Town are minimal but you can find most basic services during your stay there. The main appeal of the area are the many nature parks that are within a decent drive of the city. You can see a lot of Sierra Leone countryside while staying in Koidu.

There are no airports near Koidu Town that offer international flights to Koidu Town from Johannesburg, so you will have to arrive at the Lungi International Airport (airport code: FNA) in Freetown. It’s 260km away, so you will need additional transportation. There are public buses between the cities that run regularly. A flight to Koidu Town, arriving in Freetown, with South African Airways has one connection in Dakar and British Midland has a route that goes through London. For something different, you can fly with Air Namibia and stop in Windhoek as well as Accra.

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The Tourist Attractions of Koidu Town:

Though English is technically the official language in Sierra Leone, most people in Koidu Town speak Krio which is a mix of English, Portuguese and Yoruba dialects.

Kangari Hills Forest Reserve
Kangari Hills Forest Reserve is the largest nature park near Koidu, and it will take an hour or two along one of the main roads leading to the west. The park has a mix of landscapes, and you can see forests, grasslands, and some wetlands as well. Chimpanzees are frequently seen along with some other species of smaller monkeys. There are also several herds of small forest elephant and duiker antelope. The park is not really maintained but the local villagers use the area often enough that you will find several decent trails for walking through the area.

Kambui Hills Forest Reserve
The ecosystems of Kambui Hills is much like Kangara Hills though the park is much smaller and to the south of Koidu Town (very near Kenema actually). The animal concentrations are smaller than in the other parks though you will see mainly the same animals as mentioned above when you are able to spot them.

Tingi Hills Forest Reserve
Unlike the other two parks, Tingi Hills is more mountainous and will offer you a little change in scenery. The Sankan Biriwa Mountain is within the park and you can do some hiking to higher altitudes or stay in the lower forests. Elephants, pygmy hippos, chimpanzees and baboons are very common in some parts of Tingi Hills.

Kenema is a much larger city than Koidu Town and may offer additional tourist services (banks, hotels, restaurants) that are not available in Koidu. Even so, there are not many additional attractions in Kenema. They have a large and busy open-air market for shopping and the local mosque is a good spot for some photos.

When Should You Visit?:

No matter when you visit Koidu, it will be hot. The hottest peak of the year will be in February and March when it typically reaches 33C (91F) in the daytime. Cooler months fall in July and August, with temperatures around 28F (82F) which is still quite hot. That is also when the rains will be at their heaviest, which can make sight-seeing difficult. To avoid the rain and the hottest heat, try to come to Koidu Town in November or December.

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