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image of BerberaBerbera is a small city in the northern part of Somalia that is known as Somaliland. It’s a self-governed region and not prone to the same conflicts as the rest of Somalia. Berbera is a busy port city with most of its industry and business coming in through the harbour.

Flights to the Berbera Airport (airport code: BBO) are limited to local flights, so you can’t get a direct route from Johannesburg. But if you fly to Djibouti, then you can get a flight to Berbera with Daallo Airlines or Jubba Airways. In Djibouti, you’ll land at the Djibouti-Ambouli International Airport (code: JIB). Flights to there with Kenya Airways will connect once in Nairobi, and Ethiopian Airlines will have a stop in Addis Ababa.

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The Tourist Attractions of Berbera:

Somaliland is an Islamic territory, and proper respect regarding modest dress should be taken while in Berbera. When it comes to being understood while you are there, you will have reasonable success speaking either Arabic or English but the majority of people will speak Somali.

There are some really lovely white sand beaches around Berbera and they are usually not very busy as sun-bathing and swimming are not common pastimes for the locals. Berbera Beach and Baathela Beach are the nicest ones.

Scuba Diving
Not far off the coast of Berbera are some well-known coral reefs that make for excellent diving. There are several dive shops on the beach where you can rent equipment. The water in the Gulf of Aden is quite clear and diving is usually excellent.

The Harbour
If you enjoy watching big ships, take a walk down by the main port and Berbera harbour. It is a very busy spot and there is always a ship or two at dock either loading or unloading cargo.

Laas Gaal
Discovered in 2002, Laas Gaal is a cave of primitive artwork is brightly coloured considering it is around 8,000 years old. The walls of the cave are marked with images of animals and humans, showing hunting and other activities. This is not a maintained tourist area and it is just managed by the local villagers who will take you to see it.

Hargeisa is to the south-west of Berbera and while it is a larger city, it does not have many more attractions for you either. Even so, if you are exploring the area then it makes a change of scenery from Berbera and the road between the cities is fairly well maintained, giving you a chance to see the countryside on your drive.

When Should You Visit?:

Though it is hot in Berbera all year long, there are some months that are much more extreme than others. You should definitely avoid June through the end of September as it will reach at least 40C (104F) or higher during the day. It is much better to see Berbera in December through February when it is only 29C (84F) in the daytime. It will drop by around 10 degrees at night so you can get a little relief from the daytime heat. Rain will not be a problem at any time since Berbera gets virtually none.

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