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Flights to Somalia

image of SomaliaSituated in Eastern Africa, on the Horn of Africa, is the Republic of Somalia. Somalia has much to attract the tourist, though due to current instability across the country, travel to Somalia is not advised.

Somalia was served by one international airport in the capital city: Mogadishu International Airport (airport code: MGQ). However due to bombings by the Ethiopians the chances of getting a flight to Somalia are very slim or impossible at present. Travel to the country is not advised, but if you have to get to Somalia check with Daallo Airlines who are said to fly a couple of times a week from Djibouti. Another option is a flight to Somalia with Jubba Airways, who fly from Dubai and Jeddah.

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The Tourist Attractions of Somalia:

As already mentioned, Somalia is not a tourist destination. There are constant problems in the country as well as a general air of lawlessness, especially in the capital city, Mogadishu.

This really is a great shame because Somalia has some wonderful coastal scenery and would make an excellent destination for a beach holiday, mingled in with some history and culture, but it looks like this might be far from happening just yet. Should the time come when Somalia is safe to visit, here are some of the sites you might like to go to.

This coastal city actually has a lot going for it, if only it were safe to visit! There is some beautiful architecture in this, the capital and largest city of Somalia. The white washed buildings give the city an almost Greek feel about it, made even more apparent when you add in the nice sandy beaches. Somali Beach, near Mogadishu, is particularly beautiful.

Mogadishu Mosque is an impressive building, and one of the major features of the city right now are the markets. Bakaara Market was created in 1972, and since there is no government in Mogadishu expansion of the market has gone unchecked, as has the sale of illegal goods and documents. Weapons of varying sizes can be bought here too, and it’s not certain how quickly this situation would change if Somalia did become a stable country in the future.

The north west part of Somalia is called Somaliland, and this is a self –proclaimed republic. Currently this is the safest region of Somalia to visit, though coming here is still not without its risks.

The ‘capital’ city of Somaliland is Hargeisa and is considered to be the safest city in Somalia. Unlike the rest of Somalia, Somaliland is trying to get back on its feet, and to live in peace and safety. Hargeisa is mostly achieving that and offers a cosmopolitan city, mixed in with history and culture.

When Should You Visit?:

Obviously you should not visit Somalia at all right now, but when the situation in the country improves you will find that Somalia is hot all year round, with maximum daily temperatures ranging from 20C to 40C. The southwest monsoon cools some areas between May and October. Although Somalia is cooled by winds, rainfall is irregular and the country frequently has droughts.

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