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image of HargeysaThe city of Hargeysa is in the northern region of Somalia, and it is the capital of the autonomous region of Somaliland. Hargeysa is a thriving city but there is little here in the way of tourist attractions or modern facilities. It is a Muslim city, and both women and men should dress modestly at all times and note there will be no alcohol available.

There are no international flights to Hargeysa Airport (airport code: HGA) but if you arrive in Djibouti, you can book with Daallo Airlines or Jubba Airways to get to Hargeysa. You can get a flight to the Djibouti-Ambouli International Airport (code: JIB) with either South African Airways or Ethiopian Airlines and have one connection in Addis Ababa. Kenya Airways is another option, but with a stop-over in Nairobi. There are also 2-stop flights to Hargeysa with Egyptair that stop in Cairo and Addis Ababa.

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The Tourist Attractions of Hargeysa:

For currency, you can use either Somaliland shillings or US dollars. All merchants and businesses will happily accept either. Just make sure you know the current exchange rate so you do not get cheated when converting money.

Laas Gaal Rock Paintings
The vibrantly coloured Laas Gaal cave paintings were discovered by the French in 2002 and they are estimated to have been done around 6,000 BCE. The images depict animals and humans in many different day-to-day scenarios. Despite its age, this is not that well-known a tourist destination and it is not really maintained as one. You can just visit the caves when you wish, though the local villagers are quite protective of the site.

Local Wildlife
In the countryside around Hargeysa, the wildlife populations can include many African animals such as gazelles, wildebeest, and zebras. Many tour groups can take you out around Hargeysa to see the beautiful landscapes, animals and smaller villages or you can explore the region on your own. Though it is generally safe, it is recommended that you do not leave the city without a proper security guide (called an SPU). The Babile Elephant Sanctuary is only a couple of hours away but you will have to cross the border into Ethiopia first for which you will need a proper Visa.

The small town of Berbera is on the coast, and about 2 hours from Hargeysa. It is a nice day-trip destination if you want to see the Gulf of Aden. There are some very nice beaches and several good locations for going scuba diving. There are large populations of fish as well as patches of coral to make your diving interesting and a great experience.

When Should You Visit?:

Hargeysa is always hot but there is very low humidity throughout the year so it can be fairly tolerable, especially in the cooler evenings. The hottest months are May and June when it hits 31C (88F) in the daytime, but it will be at least 29C (84F) for most of the rest of the year anyway. You can get cooler weather in December and January when it is a little more comfortable at 23C (73F) instead.

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