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image of SwazilandThe Kingdom of Swaziland, as it’s officially called, is a small landlocked country that’s surrounded on three sides by South Africa, and on the east by Mozambique. Known for its friendly people and its great game reserves and parks this peaceful country makes for an excellent holiday destination.

There is only one international airport in Swaziland, the Matsapha Airport (airport code: MTS) which is conveniently located only about 1 kilometre outside of the country’s main business centre, Manzini. Despite the proximity to Swaziland from South Africa there are actually two airlines that offer flights to Swaziland, departing from Johannesburg: South African Airways and Airlink Swaziland both provide direct flights.

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The Tourist Attractions of Swaziland:

Swaziland is a lovely little country and although small its population are big on providing visitors with a welcome reception. There are some national parks and game reserves here, but in reality there’s not too much else that would persuade a tourist to come here over another destination. If you’re looking for a holiday where you can travel around rather than just staying in one place then Swaziland is likely to hold more appeal, unless relaxing and not doing much is your idea of a perfect holiday!

Capital Cities
Like South Africa Swaziland has several capitals for different purposes. The administrative capital, Mbabane, is situated in the central west area of the country and is actually the largest city in the country. Despite holding these titles there really isn’t much of interest to the regular tourist traveller here, so you may wish to head for the royal and legislative capital, Lobamba, to the south east.

Being the royal and legislative capital Lobamba has several associated attractions. There is the home of the Swazi Parliament, as well as the Embo State Palace, and the Royal Kraal if buildings are of interest to you, while the Swazi National Museum is a good museum to visit. A little way outside of the city is the Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary.

Though not a capital city, Manzini is the second largest city in Swaziland and the location of the country’s only international airport, a factor which makes this the better known city for some visitors. The city centre is compact and can be easily covered by foot if you want to make the most of an assortment of places to eat and drink. Many visitors use Manzini as a gateway to the country’s Hlane Royal National Park, rated as one of the best in Southern Africa for on foot tracking of elephants and rhinos. A guided bush walk is bound to reward you with a close-up of a rhino in this park, situated about 67 kilometres north east of Manzini.

Malolotja Nature Reserve
Along with the popular Hlane Royal National Park, Malolotja Nature Reserve is one of Swaziland’s top tourist attractions. This is one of Southern Africa’s most spectacular mountain parks and is the last piece of unspoilt mountain wilderness in the country.

This is a popular destination with hikers and there are numerous trails around the park to explore. Some parts of the park are accessible via a standard drive vehicle though others will require a 4wd if you want to visit some of the more remote areas. Along with the beautiful mountain scenery, Malolotja offers waterfalls, including the highest in Swaziland, and numerous habitats of different flora and fauna.

When Should You Visit?:

Swaziland has four seasons and although summer is the warmest time this is also usually the wettest time of the year. From November to March summer temperatures average at 20C but to avoid the majority of the rainfall a visit during spring or autumn may be better when temperatures are only a few degrees cooler.

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