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Flights to Manzini

image of ManziniManzini is the second largest city in Swaziland and is the location of the country’s only international airport. This makes Manzini a popular entry point for tourists. Add to this the proximity of Hlane Royal National Park you can see why Manzini is one of the country’s best known destinations!

The Matsapha Airport (airport code: MTS) currently handles all flights to Manzini, and it is approximately 10kilometres away from the city. The Sikhuphe International Airport is under construction and will eventually take over the service for the area, and this one will be about 40 kilometres away from Manzini. Though Matsapha Airport is the main airport for the area, there is actually very limited service for flights to Manzini from South Africa. Your only option is South African Airways, but it’s a popular option as their flight to Manzini is non-stop.

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The Tourist Attractions of Manzini:

Manzini is an industrial and commercial centre for the country of Swaziland, and as the entry point for most tourists arriving in the country it has a good selection of tourism infrastructure including hotels, restaurants and shops, and most services you should need while on holiday.

Manzini itself isn’t exactly a city that’s full of tourist attractions, but that’s ok as most visitors use this as a base for exploring the nearby Hlane Royal National Park. The park is around 65 kilometres from Manzini and there are usually regular bus services offering the journey between the city and the park. This makes it easy to get to the park, and once you’re there a minibus service can take you around to see some of the sights.

If you prefer the independence of having your own car you can also drive into the park, provided you have a guide with you, or simply park up and use the aforementioned minibus service.

Hlane Royal National Park does have some accommodation options if you’d like to spend a couple of back to back days here. Of the two camps, one has electricity though the other does not, and funnily the one without electricity is the closer of the two and also offers a restaurant!

Inside Hlane Royal National Park you can enjoy a foot trek in which you track elephants and rhinos. This is one of the most popular things to do here. The guided bush walks are very good, and animals spotting chances are high on these tours. You could see a variety of wildlife in addition to elephants and rhinos, as the park is also home to big cats, giraffes and zebras.

When Should You Visit?:

Manzini, and Swaziland as a whole, obviously has a climate similar to parts of South Africa, so you may already know the best times to visit! For those who don’t, Manzini’s rainy season is over the summer months, when there’s plenty of rainfall and warm temperatures. For drier weather come in the spring or autumn, when temperatures are not much below those of the summer, while in the winter it’s mild. Average temperatures in the summer are around 20C, while in the winter they average at only 13C.

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