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image of KaraKara is a city in northern Togo, near the eastern border with Benin. The city is quite simple but you will find very good hotels and restaurants for travellers. You can see what life is like in Togo by walking around the city though there are not a lot of specific attractions to be found. You will find more to see and do in the parks around the vicinity of Kara instead.

The nearest airport for regular international service for a flight to Kara is the Lome-Tokoin Airport (airport code: LFW). However, this is about 7 hours away by bus, but being the main airport for Togo and has the best options for flights from South Africa. Arik Air has a single connection in Lagos, and South African Airways makes one stop-over in Douala. An alternative route would be with Ethiopian Airlines. Their flight to Kara will connect in Lusaka and again in Addis Ababa.

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The Tourist Attractions of Kara:

Some of the main roads are paved in Kara but the smaller ones are not. The people are very friendly. The most common language spoken in Kara is French, though many residents speak their own indigenous languages. Businesses will usually have someone who speaks French available.

The market offers a chance to see locally grown produce for sale, on simple vendor’s tables or just laid out on the ground for display. There are booths of livestock, household goods, clothing and a lot more. Even if you are not in the market for some souvenirs, you should have a wander around as you’ll get to see the active heart of the city.

Village in Nadoba
The village in Nadoba is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and about 2 hours north of Kara. The village is made up of unusual mud and straw houses, and it is a great place for some photos and to see some traditional Togolese living.

Fazao-Malfakassa National Park
The Fazao-Malfakassa National Park a very rugged one filled with heavy forests and mountain areas, so some hiking may be pretty strenuous. You can get a guided tour around the park so you won’t miss anything. Elephants, warthogs, monkeys, buffalo and herds of antelope all live in the park and are commonly seen by visitors.

Keran National Park
The Keran National Park is north of Kara and one of the larger parks in Togo. It’s mostly savannah and grassland, so it is a definite change of scenery compared to the Fazao-Malfakassa Park. There are several large groups of elephants in the park and that does make it a little busy with tourists though. You can also find buffalo wandering around as well as different species of gazelle and antelope.

When Should You Visit?:

If you are coming to Kara to see the wildlife parks, then you will have to come during the hot and dry season for the best animal viewing. That’s when animals group together more predictably at water sources. So you should come between November and March, though the heat will be around 34C (93F) in the daytime. Otherwise, you will find it a little cooler in July and August, around 28C (82F) with more rain.

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