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image of TogoOfficially named the Togolese Republic, Togo is a small country in West Africa with a coast on the Gulf of Guinea. As a whole, Togo isn’t weighed down with tourist attractions, but within the capital, Lome, there are some interesting things to see and do. The north of the country is very scenic, though can be difficult to access.

There are several airports in the country but the main one for international flights to Togo is the Lome-Tokoin Airport (airport code: LFW) which is just outside the capital city. Most flights to Togo will have two connections when travelling from Johannesburg, with the exception of Ethiopian Airlines or Air France. They’re one stop flights to Togo connect in Addis Ababa and Paris respectively. Lufthansa goes a whole other way, offering transfers in Frankfurt and Brussels for their flight to Togo, or you can also look for flights to with South African Airways, Air Namibia, or British Midland.

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The Tourist Attractions of Togo:

Northern Togo
The landscape and scenery of the north of Togo is really quite different to that of the coastal areas, and although this part of the country certainly isn’t as easy to get to, it’s worth making the trip if you want to explore more of the culture and scenery.

The main attraction here is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, called Koutammakou, the Land of the Batammariba. This is a cultural landscape where you can see traditional mud tower houses that are still the preferred mode of building today. The homes are called Takienta, and they have become one of the national symbols of Togo.

National Parks in Togo
Togo isn’t best known for its national parks, but they do present a more unique experience for anyone visiting the country. This is because they are not frequently visited by tourists, so you’ll have a more authentic experience. Fazao Mafakassa National Park is in the central mountains of Togo and being considered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, while the Keran National Park is in the north.

The capital and largest city of Togo is Lome and it has a good selection of tourist attractions. These include attractive architecture, and some more unusual attractions such as the Akodessewa Fetish Market where you can find everything to do with voodoo fetishes and magical objects, making this quite a bizarre attraction!

A more typical attraction is Lome Cathedral, dating from just prior to World War 1 and it’s quite striking with its red and white stuccoed fa├žade. The cathedral is close to the Grand Market where you can find the more usual items for sale, such as fruit and vegetables, clothing, handicrafts and souvenirs.

Beaches in Togo
Finally, you can come to Togo and enjoy some of the beaches along the coast. The sandy beaches area attractive but be aware that the waters can be quite rough.

When Should You Visit?:

Rainfall is not particularly high in Togo but in the south of the country there are two rainy seasons, between April and July, and September to November. Temperatures are a little cooler from November to March, and are also a few degrees cooler on the coast than they are in the north, where the average high is around 30C.

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