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image of LomeLome is the capital and largest city of Togo, in West Africa. The city is on the coast, on the Gulf of Guinea, and has a good variety of tourist attractions as well as the best tourism infrastructure in the country. Lome even has some very nice beaches to visit.

The airport for all flights to Lome is the Lome-Tokoin Airport (airport code: LFW), which is also known as the Gnassingbe Eyadema International Airport. You will have a number of options with major airlines for flights to Lome from South Africa. Ethiopian Airlines has a route with one stop-over in Addis Ababa, and you will also have a single transfer in Paris if you fly with Air France. With South African Airways, a flight to Lome will stop in Accra and Lagos instead.

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The Tourist Attractions of Lome:

Togo National Museum
If you’ve never been to Lome or Togo before, a visit to the National Museum would make a good introduction to the country. As national museums go, this one isn’t particularly large, but admission is free, and it has some nice exhibits on the history, culture and art of Togo. The exhibits are in French, so knowing some of this language will help, though you can get an appreciation for the culture just by looking at the exhibits anyway.

Lome Cathedral
One of the major landmarks of the city is Lome Cathedral, competed just before the First World War. The red and white stucco fa├žade makes this building very recognisable, and its two tall spires can be seen from some distance away.

Lome Grand Market
Next to the cathedral is Lome Grand Market. As the name suggests, this is a large market, the main one for the city, and it takes up three blocks of the city. Many African markets are outside, though this one is not, so can be visited in any weather without a problem. Being the main market for Lome it’s busy and noisy, but it’s a great place to pick up all manner of goods, from fresh fruit and vegetables, to clothing, to handicrafts and souvenirs.

Akodessewa Voodoo Fetish Market
A far more niche market, but quite an attraction for its unique and bizarre offerings, Lome’s Akodessewa is dedicated to voodoo and magic, selling fetishes, charms, amulets, and items such as animal skulls and even voodoo dolls! Some of the items may repulse you, so if you have a weak stomach this may not be a good attraction for you, and also be careful what you buy in case you have trouble with customs on leaving the country, or getting back home.

Lome’s Beaches

Lome isn’t immediately thought of as a beach holiday destination, but it does have some very nice beaches, with white sand and palm trees, so they’re very scenic. The waters can be quite rough, though there are a couple of beaches better suited to swimming: Coconut Beach and Lome Beach. There are also water sports available, and often live performances take place.

When Should You Visit?:

June and July are the wetter months of the year, though the rainy season actually spans from April to July, then again from September to November. This makes August a good month to visit, and temperatures are a pleasant 26C at this time. Temperatures from November to April are around 31C.

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