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image of PalimePalime is a small city in southern Togo, near to the border with Ghana. The name is officially Kpalime but it is usually written in English without the “K”. It’s a small city with a decent selection of tourist facilities though the services are not going to be lavish. Attractions are limited though it is a wonderful place to see Togo culture and lifestyle without crowds of other travellers.

The closest airport for flights to Palime is the Lome-Tokoin Airport (airport code: LFW), which is the main airport for the country and about is 120km away from Palime. You will have several airlines to choose from when coming from South Africa, with both 1 and 2 stop flights to Palime available. Ethiopian Airlines has their transfer in Addis Ababa, and South African Airways will connect once in Accra. You can also fly with Air Namibia for a longer route through Windhoek and Accra. Most flights are roughly 24 hours long.

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The Tourist Attractions of Palime:

As a nation, the official language in Togo is French and that should be fine for any communication in Palime. Religion and culture is very diverse, and there are no particular restrictions you need to be aware of as a visitor.

K’Pime Waterfalls
Though they are not large, the K’Pime waterfalls are quite lovely and are one of the better known natural sights near Palime.

German Church
The 100-year old German Church is easy to spot as one of the taller buildings in the city. It’s a white building with terra cotta trim and roofing, with a single tall bell tower.

Grand Market
The market in Palime is a busy and very crowded place. Vendors have their goods laid out on the ground, or under simple metal-roofed stands. You won’t find a huge selection of souvenir-type products, but there are plenty of fruits, vegetables, and other dry food goods as well as clothing and fabrics.

Mount Agou
Mount Agou is the highest point in Togo, and a fine place to do some hiking if you don’t mind a little hard work and elevation (the peak is at 990m). There are some trails up the mountain, though it is not an official or maintained park by any means. The villagers in Agou are usually happy to help you find the trails that start nearby. One of the main roads out of Palime to the south-east will take you to Agou.

Local Forests
Like Mount Agou, the local forests are not officially protected areas so you will not find any tourist facilities or maintained trails. But if you want to get off the beaten path and see some Togo countryside, this is where you should head.

When Should You Visit?:

The days will get hot in Palime though evenings and nights are quite a bit cooler for a little more comfort. The highest heat will be in February and March when it reaches 33C (91F) during the day. November and December are usually just as hot. It drops down to 28C (82F) in July and August, which makes these the most comfortable months of the year to visit Palime.

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