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Flights to Boujdour

image of BoujdourBoujdour is on the Atlantic coast to the northern portion of Western Sahara. This small port city is a couple hours drive south of Laayoune (El-Aaiun). It’s also sometimes known as Cape Bojador.

The nearest airport to get an international flight to Boujdour is the Hassan I Airport (airport code: EUN) in Laayoune, which is about 190km away on the main coastal road of Western Sahara. You can get a flight to Boujdour with either South African Airways or Egyptair, and they both have connections in Cairo and Casablanca. British Airways is another option, and their route will take you through London and Casablanca instead.

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The Tourist Attractions of Boujdour:

Technically, the nation of Western Sahara is a disputed territory under administrative control of Morocco. The region is quite peaceful and its disputed status does not really impact any tourist travel. There are no border crossings with Morocco (to the north) so if you are coming from there, you can drive into Western Sahara without stopping.

Sightseeing around Boujdour will not take that much time as there really aren’t any tourist attractions to speak of. The overall atmosphere and culture of the city deserves some time spent just walking through the streets though.

Though Boujdour is located on the ocean coast, you are not going to find any good beaches. The entire coast along this cape is very rough and rocky. It’s actually well-known as a dangerous area for boats due to the unpredictable currents and hidden shoals.

If you are interested in just seeing the unique scenery of this arid place, you can take one of the main roads out of Boujdour to either the north or south and take a trip to one of the nearest two cities. You can take an excursion farther inland if you wish, but it is sparsely populated and the roads can be difficult to manage.

Laayoune may have a few additional sights to see, including the busy Djemal souk (outdoor bazaar or market). It’s known for the many vendors offering live chickens. There are also some good beaches outside of Laayoune if you want to relax by the water.

You can also explore Western Sahara to the south, towards the beach city of Dakhla. If you were hoping for better ocean access, Dakhla should be on your agenda. There are a lot of rocky shores again, but you can find a few places that are sandy for sunbathing. Deep-sea fishing is also very popular from here.

When Should You Visit?:

Given its location in the Sahara, Boujdour is surprisingly comfortable in terms of climate for much of the year. The best time to plan a visit would be from December until the end of March. That is when the weather is the coolest, with high temperatures of only 20C (68F). It will get hot in the summers though, which is to be expected. For August and September, you can expect highs of 28C (82F) during the day. Rain is extremely scarce and there is no wet season to impact your travels.

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