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Flights to Western Sahara

image of Western SaharaWestern Sahara is not your typical tourist destination, and there are few major cities in the desert nation. Nonetheless, you can find many interesting things to see and do if you don’t mind a little more remoteness than usual. Western Sahara is currently under dispute with Morocco, but it is a peaceful area and tourists are welcome.

There are only three airports here, and the main one for all international flights to Western Sahara is the Hassan I Airport (airport code: EUN) which is usually just called the Laayoune Airport. All flights to Western Sahara from Johannesburg will have two connections. South African Airways connects in Cairo and Casablanca, which is the same route offered with Egyptair. British Airways also has a flight to Western Sahara that travels through London and Casablanca.

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The Tourist Attractions of Western Sahara:

Most of the region is sandy desert, but there are also large areas of flat rocky plains. Though harsh, it is a beautiful place. The landscape is impressive, though unlike some countries on the continent, there are few opportunities to see much wildlife.


Also spelled El-Aaiun, this is the largest city in Western Sahara located to the north near the current border with Morocco. This is the main entry point for anyone coming into the country, so it is likely you will be spending some time here during your trip. The Djemal souk is a great place to go to see some local business and shop for souvenirs, as long as you don’t mind all the vendors who are selling live chickens. The market is also known as the chicken market because of it. Place Mechouar is one of the larger city squares, and a quiet place to walk when seeing the city.

There is a beach just a short drive to the west of the main city. It is generally not a busy place even though the blue water on the sand is quite beautiful. Winters are a little cool to spend a lot of time here, and there is almost always a strong breeze coming in off the water.


Dakhla is another smaller town farther south, on the coast where you can try some watersports such as windsurfing. It’s a more popular tourist spot due to the water, so you will find a few more inexpensive hotels here.


Semara is one of the interior towns, and a good place to stop if you are exploring the rest of the country away from the coast. There are ruins of an old stone fortress for something different to see in this town.

When Should You Visit?:

Though part of the Sahara desert, the long coastline does help moderate the temperature to make this a relatively comfortable country to visit. The interior of Western Sahara can get very hot during the day, but Laayoune is much nicer. There, it gets to a high of 20C (68) during the day between December and March. Summer months of August and September are closer to 28C (82) in the daytime. Rain is not going to be a problem at any time.

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