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Flights to Dakhla

image of DakhlaDakhla is located on a long narrow peninsula off the central coast of Western Sahara. Most of the area is taken up by the airport but the small city is one of the more popular places in this country for tourists due to the opportunities for watersports. Dakhla is quite old, having been founded by the Spanish in the early 1500s though not many historic sites remain today.

Flights to Dakhla Airport (airport code: VIL) are available with several different airlines, all with 2 connections in their routes. Coming from South Africa the average flight to Dakhla will be about 22 hours long, including the delays between connections. British Airways has its stops in London and Casablanca, but South African Airways goes another way through Cairo and Casablanca. That’s also the same route offered with Egyptair. Another option would be with Iberia, their flight to Dakhla transfers in Madrid and Casablanca.

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The Tourist Attractions of Dakhla:

There are no other towns within a reasonable drive, so there is little opportunity to see more of Western Sahara unless you are willing to spend several hours on the road. The landscape around Dakhla is severe, with mainly sandy and rocky outcroppings as far as the eye can see. If you enjoy seeing some of the extremes the world has to offer, this would be a good spot to visit. When you travel farther inland, be prepared for a dramatic rise in temperature. Never head out without ample water, and preferably an air-conditioned vehicle.

Sights around the City

There are no major tourist attractions in Dakhla but several interesting things to see while you are there. The Catholic church and the mosque are both beautiful buildings, and there is a busy souk (marketplace) in the city with tables filled with fruit, vegetables and souvenirs. On the western side of the peninsula, there are two lighthouses. One is an old Spanish one that is mostly a ruin now, but a newer (and much taller) one has been built next to it.

Watersports and Activities

Getting out in the water is the big attraction in Dakhla, and you can try kitesurfing and windsurfing or go fishing off the coast. Even though there are some very nice coastline areas, you probably won’t find anywhere suitable for swimming. Many of the beaches are very rocky and the strong currents make it unsafe. There are some sandy areas if you just want to sunbathe by the water though. Fishing charters are easy to find, and you can fish for marlin, tuna, swordfish and sea perch.

When Should You Visit?:

For a city in the Sahara desert, Dakhla is actually a very comfortable place in terms of weather. It only reaches 25C (77F) in the summers, which run from August until late October and there is virtually no rain at all through the year. Cooler weather happens from December until February, and then it only gets to 20C (68F) in the daytime. Nights will be cooler in any month, but only slightly. Basically, the weather is very warm and sunny all year long.

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