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image of LimassolWidely known as Limassol, this city in Cyprus is also known as Lemesos in Greek. Limassol is the second largest city on Cyprus by population, and the largest by land size, as well as being a popular summer holiday destination.

The closest airport for flights to Limassol is the Paphos International Airport (airport code: PFO), and there are frequent shuttles between the airport and Limassol. The only 1-stop flight to Limassol from South Africa is with KLM, and they make a connection in Amsterdam. Lufthansa also goes through Amsterdam, but it stops in Frankfurt first. You can also get a 2-stop flight to Limassol with British Airways that has transfers in London and then Amsterdam. Most flights to Limassol are around 20 hours long.

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The Tourist Attractions of Limassol:

Limassol is a sizeable city with hundreds of hotels and restaurants, shopping and culture to enjoy while on holiday here. There’s all this to see and do but the primary reason why most tourists come to Limassol is the good weather and the beaches, both of which are in abundance in Limassol!

You can combine days on the beach with sightseeing in the city as there are numerous landmarks and historical attractions to visit. Amongst these are the following:

Limassol Medieval Castle

One of the chief landmarks of Limassol is one of the nine castles of Cyprus. It was built around the year 1000AD by the Byzantines and more recently it was used as a prison for a period of 150 years from 1790 to 1940. Visitors to Limassol can now see the castle as it’s preserved as a museum and features exhibits from the years between 400 and 1870AD.

Not far from Limassol there are several other historical attractions in addition to Limassol Castle that you can easily visit. There’s the ancient city of Kourion, and another ancient city, Amathus. At Kourion there are important structures such as the House of Achilles and Altar of Apollo.

Limassol Municipal Gardens

The promenade along Limassol’s beachfront is popular day and night as a place to come and walk and enjoy the views. There are often street traders here, and places where you can get your picture drawn or your hair braided, and there’s also Limassol’s Municipal Gardens. Not only are there plants and trees here but there are also animals and birds within the small zoo inside the gardens. A natural history museum is another feature of the gardens, as well as a garden theatre where you can often catch performances during the summer.

Wine Festival of Cyprus

Limassol hosts several festivals throughout the year every year and one of the most popular of these is the Wine Festival of Cyprus. This festival actually takes place in the Municipal Gardens mentioned above, and is usually around the end of August or beginning of September. The wine festival gives local wine producers the chance to show off their wines and samples are usually provided for free!

When Should You Visit?:

Limassol has a typical Mediterranean climate with long, hot summers and no rainfall, and mild, wet winters. If you’re not interested in the beaches you can come most of the year as long as you don’t mind some rainfall. The average high in January is 17.6C so very pleasant, but December and January are the wettest months. July and August are the hottest when the average high is just over 33C.

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