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image of PafosUsually anglicised as Paphos, but also known as Pafos, this coastal city is one of the top tourist destinations on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Pafos is in the south west of Cyprus and has been designated a World Heritage Site, so as well as the great weather and beaches, Paphos offers a great deal of history and culture.

About 6 kilometres outside of the city is the Paphos International Airport (airport code: PFO), which serves all flights to Pafos. There is a public bus route that can get you to and from the city. You will have 2 options for one-stop flights to Paphos from South Africa, with either KLM or British Airways. The first stops in Amsterdam and the second in London. Or you can go through both cities with a 2-stop flight with Virgin Atlantic. If you choose Lufthansa, you’ll have a flight to Pafos through Frankfurt and Amsterdam.

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The Tourist Attractions of Pafos:

Cyprus is renowned for its great Mediterranean climate and attractive beaches and scenery, but also for its ancient history and rich culture. Pafos is no exception, offering all of these features and more!

Paphos Castle

One of the main landmarks of Pafos is Paphos Castle. It’s a rather square and short looking building that was constructed by the Ottomans in 1586, though the site dates back earlier than this. The Byzantines originally built a fort here, but since then it’s been destroyed, dismantled and rebuilt several times. Paphos Castle is open to visitors every day during the summer, for a small entrance fee.

The Tombs of the Kings

A far earlier landmark of Pafos lies just a mile outside the city centre and dates back to the 4th century BC. The Tombs of the Kings is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that includes a network of underground tombs that is thought to have been the burial site of aristocrats and high officials.

Petra Tou Romiou

Better known as Aphrodite’s Rock, Petra Tou Romiou is another popular tourist attraction for Paphos as it is the birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite in Greek Mythology. There is a myth that if you swim around this rock in the sea you will be blessed with eternal beauty, but most tourists don’t try this as the sea can be quite rough here! You can climb the rock though.

Paphos Odeon

One of the well preserved sites from ancient Pafos is the Odeon. This is an amphitheatre that you can visit, or keep a look out for performances that sometimes take place here during the summer months.

Paphos Aphrodite Water Park

The beaches of Paphos and the surrounding area are great, but if you want a bit more excitement, or you’ve visiting Pafos with children you might like to visit the city’s water park. There are numerous slides here for all ages, plus a lazy river, wave machines and more.

When Should You Visit?:

The Mediterranean climate means that Pafos has mild winters are hot, dry summers. If you’re coming just for sightseeing and are not a beach lover, summers may be too hot, peaking with average highs of 30.4C in August. From October onwards you will still have warm, though wetter weather beginning from November. January is the coolest month and even then the average high is 17C.

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