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Flights to Frederiksberg

image of FrederiksbergThe town of Frederiksberg is just west of Denmark’s capital city, Copenhagen, though it’s actually completed surrounded by boroughs of the city of Copenhagen so is quite unique. On its own, Frederiksberg does offer tourists a good selection of attractions, and with Copenhagen city centre close by, there’s ample to do here.

The town doesn’t have its own airport, so flights to Frederiksberg will arrive at the Copenhagen Airport (airport code: CPH) just 72 kilometres away. The Copenhagen Metro has public transit between the cities. More than a dozen major airlines go to Copenhagen from South Africa, most offering 1-stop flights. Swiss Air connects in Zurich, and KLM goes through Amsterdam. If you choose a flight to Frederiksberg with British Airways or Virgin Atlantic, the transfer will be in London. On average, the flight will take between 13 and 16 hours.

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The Tourist Attractions of Frederiksberg:

Though Copenhagen is close by, Frederiksberg has enough of its own attractions to make it worthy of a short break destination.

Frederiksberg Palace

Frederiksberg Palace is the largest landmark and attraction in Frederiksberg. This grand palace was built between 1699 and 1735 and was the royal family’s summer residence up until the mid 19th century. The Royal Danish Army Officers Academy has called the palace home since 1869 so unfortunately it’s not open to the public for tours every day. However, there are tours on the first Saturday of every month, so plan your trip accordingly.

Frederiksberg Park

Frederiksberg still has a number of beautiful parks and among these, one of the largest in Copenhagen, is Frederiksberg Park. It was originally designed to be the palace garden, and there are wonderful views over the park from the palace. Likewise, you can get some great vistas of the palace itself from Frederiksberg Park. The park has an English style Romantic Landscape which gives it pleasant winding paths, lakes, waterfalls and more. There’s also a Roman styled temple, and an elephant viewpoint from which you can watch the elephants in the adjacent Copenhagen Zoo.

Copenhagen Zoo

Although it’s the zoo for the city of Copenhagen, it’s located within the municipality of Frederiksberg. This is one of the oldest zoos in Europe, founded in 1859, and as well as the elephants it features hippos, Tasmanian Devils, herbivores and many more species.

The Copenhagen Zoo Tower is a popular attraction as this 43.5 metre high tower that was built in 1905, gives you great views over the park as well as the city and Frederiksberg.

Frederiksberg Town Hall

The large town hall for Frederiksberg was built between 1942 and 1953, but if it hadn’t been for World War 2 it would probably have been built much quicker! Some people believe it was built this large in order to rival the city hall in Copenhagen, but the result is some great views from the 60 metre high tower. You can climb the tower but it’s best to call ahead of time, plus you can tour the town hall on the first Saturday of each month.

When Should You Visit?:

Thanks to the Gulf Stream Frederiksberg isn’t as cool as it might be, but you’d still want to visit during the summer if you’re sightseeing. Average highs between 19 and 20.4C mean June to August is a popular time, though there is some rainfall to think about too. Temperatures drop over the winter to an average high of 2C in January.

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