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image of BremenThe city of Bremen is very old, with the first known settlement there being recorded in 150 AD. It’s a fairly large city today, just a short distance from the shores of the North Sea in north western Germany. Most of the tourist sites in Bremen are tied to the history of the city, but there are a few modern attractions here too.

Flights to Bremen Airport (airport code: BRE) take anywhere between 14 and 22 hours when coming from Johannesburg, with most routes having one connection. KLM will stop once in Amsterdam, and Lufthansa has their transfer in Munich. South African Airways offers a flight to Bremen with a connection in Frankfurt, or you can get a 2-stop route with Virgin Atlantic that connects in London as well as Amsterdam. The airport is less than 4 kilometres from the city and is accessible by public tram.

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The Tourist Attractions of Bremen:


Bremen’s Bottcherstrausse is a popular street for art galleries, small shops, museums, restaurants and lots of historic red brick buildings. It’s a narrow and winding old street and can be busy as both tourists and locals enjoy the sights, and shop for unique gifts or souvenirs.

Cathedral of St. Peter

The original wooden church built on this location in 789 has long been destroyed, but the current construction is a restored version of the 1901 building in Romanesque and high Gothic architecture. The two large towers were added to the church in the 1200s, and you can climb the south one for a great view of Bremen. Under the church are very old crypts, containing well-preserved bodies in glass-topped coffins for display. The city’s main market square, the Marktplatz, is right across from the Cathedral.

Schnoor Viertel

Schnoor Viertel is another old part of the city, more known for its history than the artsy Bottcherstrausse. Many of the buildings in this neighbourhood are from the 17th and 18th centuries, and are still in use. The tall buildings are a mix of styles, including Renaissance and Baroque. There are shops, restaurants, homes and other businesses along the cobbled streets of the Schnoor.

Town Hall (Rathous)

The town hall of Bremen is classed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, and it’s easy to see why. Originally built by 1409, it was renovated in the newer Renaissance style in the late 1500s. Many parts of the building are open to the public for tours.

Universum Science Centre

The Science Centre in Bremen is a very modern museum, housed in a stainless steel building that looks a little like a giant scaled clam. Inside are more than 250 interactive science and technology exhibits. The outdoor play area, EntdeckerPark, is ideal for younger visitors who prefer to explore while they run around. Inside, you can learn about astronomy, light, sound and much more.

When Should You Visit?:

Bremen has 4 distinct seasons, with the warmest weather in the summer and the coldest in the winter. Winter will run from December through February and it generally stays above freezing. Summer is from June until late August, and those months will be around 22C (72F) during the day. May and September are a little cooler, but also very comfortable for sight-seeing.

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