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image of irelandCork is the Republic of Ireland’s second largest city and it’s a popular tourist destination with lots to see and do. Cork is situated on the River Lee in south east Ireland and it has one of the world’s largest natural harbours.

Cork Airport (airport code: ORK) is one of the main airports in Ireland, with nearly 3 million passengers each year, and it’s well connected to the city by several public bus lines. You can get a few one-stop flights to Cork from South Africa with a transfer through London. South African Airways, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic all offer this particular route with their flights to Cork. If you fly with KLM, the connection is in Amsterdam. Lufthansa also has a flight to Cork, but with stops in both Munich and London.

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The Tourist Attractions of Cork:

Cork is a beautiful city with numerous popular tourist attractions and historic landmarks. Though one of the largest cities in Ireland, Cork actually has a compact city centre making this a nice place to walk around; most facilities and attractions are within easy reach.

St Finbarre’s Cathedral
One of the most major and striking landmarks in Cork is St Finbarre’s Cathedral. This particular building dates from 1879 and construction was started in 1865, though it’s on the site of much earlier places of worship, dating right back to the 7th century. The fairly unique architectural design of the cathedral is what makes it such a Cork landmark, with its three spires.

Elizabeth Fort
Though not easily seen from the city Elizabeth Fort actually offers good views over Cork, making this another popular tourist attraction. This historic fort originally dates from 1601 though most of the current structure was built about 25 years later. Some parts of the fort and the ramparts are open to tourists.

St Patrick’s Street
Cork has numerous streets full of shops, restaurants and other amenities but St Patrick’s Street is Cork’s main shopping street. It was remodelled several years ago and features a number of big names and high street stores, making this the place to come for shopping in Cork.

Cork City Gaol
Outside of the main city centre of Cork is the Cork City Gaol. This is part of a heritage centre and the attraction features not only the building itself but wax figures and reconstructions f what life was like for the prisoners here in the 19th century.

Other Museums in Cork
The Cork City Gaol is just one of the city’s museums, and visitors will find there is a selection of others to visit too. Cork Public Museum is a good one for a general overview of the city’s history, archaeology and more, while the Cork Vision Centre focuses on culture and local history through changing exhibits. Somewhat different is the Cork Butter Museum where you can find out all about the butter trade and dairy culture of Ireland.

When Should You Visit?:

Cork’s climate is mild and fairly damp, so whatever time of year you choose to come you should expect some rainfall. April, June and July do however have substantially less rainfall than the rest of the year, and with July being the warmest month this is perhaps the best time to visit Cork. Average highs are around 18.5C in July.

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