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image of VaduzVaduz is the capital city of the small European country of Liechtenstein. It’s well known for being the home of the Prince’s castle and the government of Liechtenstein, though it’s not the largest city in the country – this falls to nearby Schaan.

With no airports in Liechtenstein, you can’t actually get a flight to Vaduz directly. Travellers usually arrange to fly to the Zurich International Airport (airport code: ZHR) in Switzerland, and then get a bus or rental car to drive into Liechtenstein. It should be under 2 hours by car. Non-stop flights to Zurich from South Africa are available with Swiss Air, but you can also get a 1-stop flight with Mexicana Airlines that connects in Cairo. Turkish Airlines is another option, with a transfer in Istanbul.

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The Tourist Attractions of Vaduz:

For a capital city Vaduz doesn’t hold as much as most of cities of this stature in Europe, but then its size is one of the appeals. With a permanent population of only around 5,000 inhabitants it’s certainly one of the smallest European, or world capitals!

Vaduz Castle

The main attraction, and major landmark of the city and the country is undoubtedly Vaduz Castle. You can see this magnificent castle from many different angles though unfortunately, as this is the official evidence of the Prince of Liechtenstein, it is not open to the public. Construction of the castle began way back in the 12th century, and it has been owned by the Liechtenstein family since they bought it in 1712.

Cathedral of St Florin

Alongside the attractive traditional buildings and homes of Vaduz is the cathedral, Cathedral of St Florin. It’s a neo-Gothic church that was built in 1873 but stands on the foundations of an earlier church that dated back to medieval times. This wasn’t always a cathedral, in fact it only got this designation in 1997. Government House and the Town Hall are two other prominent landmarks, both built in the more traditional style of architecture, while one modern landmark is the Kunstmuseum.

Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein

The most striking piece of modern architecture and most famous of Vaduz’ museums is the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein. This box-like piece of modern architecture looks somewhat out of place amidst the other city architecture. It houses a collection of international modern and contemporary art as well as the Principality’s national art collection.

Other Museums in Vaduz

Vaduz is also home to the Liechtenstein National Museum where you can see the permanent collection that focuses on the natural and cultural history of Liechtenstein. You can also visit the Ski Museum, and the Postage Stamp Museum here in Vaduz.

When Should You Visit?:

Summer is definitely the best time to visit Vaduz for sightseeing, though winters are popular if you enjoy skiing in Liechtenstein. Summers are mild – July is the warmest month with an average high of 23C, and average low of 12.7C. Vaduz doesn’t experience very high rainfall, though the wettest months are in the summer from May to September. In the winter, precipitation falls as snow. January is the coolest month but surprisingly is not too cold with an average high above zero, 3.6C.

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