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image of BitolaBitola is one of the largest cities in the Republic of Macedonia and it’s located in the south west of the country in the Pelagonia Valley. The city has many pretty features and it’s set in a scenic spot too with the Baba and Nidze Mountains surrounding it.

The Logovardi Airport is just outside of the city but it does not serve any commercial aircraft for any tourist flights to Bitola. The nearest major airport is the Skopje Alexander the Great Airport (airport code: SKP). Coming from Johannesburg will mean 2 connections, except if you fly with Swiss Air. They have just one transfer in Zurich for their flight to Bitola. If you book with Egyptair, you’ll have stops in Cairo and then in Istanbul, which is also the flight to Bitola offered by South African Airways.

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The Tourist Attractions of Bitola:

Bitola has lots going for it as a tourist destination. There’s a variety of things to see and do here making it a popular choice with tourists looking for variety while on holiday. There are a number of main sights to see and with the mountains surrounding Bitola there are national parks and ski resorts to enjoy.

Many of the landmarks in Bitola date from the Ottoman rule of the city and you can certainly see the Turkish influence in the mosques, old bazaar and more. Some of the main sights of Bitola include the following:

Adjar-Kadi Mosque
The Adjar-Kadi Mosque (meaning Turkish judge) is typical of the Ottoman architecture. The domes of this mosque date back to the early 1560s though the mosque did suffer from many years of neglect. Recent restoration projects have now brought the mosque back to some of its former glory.

Bitola also has a number of other mosques dating from a similar period. These include Isak Beg Mosque which was built in 1508 and Jeni Mosque from 1558.

Churches in Bitola
Bitola doesn’t just feature mosques, there are some great churches here too. Sometimes the churches may not look like much from the outside, but inside is a different story. St Dimitrija Church is a prime example of this – while plain on the outside this church built in 1830 has a very beautiful and ornate interior which chandeliers and lots of pretty engravings.

The Clock Tower
Probably the best known landmark, and certainly one which the locals love, is the Clock Tower. Historians aren’t sure exactly when this was built as there are reports of a clock tower from as far back as the 16th century though the current form of the tower dates from around 1830.

Bitola Old Bazaar
Reputed to be the most beautiful old bazaar in Macedonia, Bitola’s old bazaar is highly recommended for visitors to the city. It’s not a huge bazaar as a large part of it was destroyed in the 1950 to make way for newer buildings, but it’s very pretty with its squares and fountains, and a number of Ottoman era monuments around it.

When Should You Visit?:

July and August are the hottest months in Bitola and with average rainfall this makes this a good time to visit the city. Average highs get up to 29C during these two months, while between May and September you can expect average highs in the 20’s C. Winters in comparison are cool but short.

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