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image of SkopjeThe capital and largest city of Macedonia in the Balkans region of Europe is Skopje. This ancient city has a rich and varied history, giving visitors the chance to experience snippets of many different civilisations, and with Skopje becoming a modern city there are increasingly more facilities and services for visiting tourists.

About 20 kilometres outside of the city is the Skopje Alexander the Great Airport (airport code: SKP), for all international flights to Skopje. It’s the busiest airport in Macedonia. There are a number of airlines that offer flights to Skopje, but only Turkish Airlines and Swiss Air have 1-stop routes. They connect in Istanbul and Zurich, respectively. Lufthansa has a 2-stop route, with connections in Munich and in Vienna, while a flight to Skopje with Austrian Airlines also goes via Vienna, but with the first transfer in Frankfurt.

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The Tourist Attractions of Skopje:

Skopje has numerous attractions and is particularly well endowed with churches and other religious monuments. The mixture of old and new makes this an appealing city as there’s plenty to see in Skopje Old Town yet with tourism now taking off there are more and more places to stay, dine, and shop too. Before 1963 you would have been able to see far more of the history of Skopje but a devastating earthquake laid many parts of the city to ruin. If you look in the right parts of the city you can still find the history, though on first glance you may wander why you’ve ventured into an unattractive late 60’s built city!

Kale Fortress
Kale Fortress is the largest landmark in Skopje and being located on top of a hill means it can be seen from all over. Equally, this hillside location gives visitors to the fort some great panoramas over Skopje. The Byzantines originally built the fortress in the 6th century and some parts of it were rebuilt following that earthquake.

Skopje Old Town and Bazaar
The Old Bazaar was always at the heart of the old town of Skopje, playing a central part in the everyday lives of its residents. Today though some of the Old Town no longer exists the Bazaar is still the showpiece of it in terms of tourism, especially considering this is one of the largest and most important in the Balkans.

The Stone Bridge
Connecting the Old Bazaar to Macedonia Square is one of Skopje’s most famous landmarks, the Stone Bridge. This historic bridge was constructed between 1452 and 1469 and it’s the emblem of Skopje.

Macedonia Square
Speaking of Macedonia Square, this public square was once another highlight of the city but when the 1963 earthquake hit some of its more major buildings were destroyed. Today you’re more likely to come to Macedonia Square to see the Stone Bridge and to get across into the Old Bazaar, though there are plans to rebuild and erect monuments in the square soon.

Museums in Skopje
Either before or after you’ve explored the streets of Skopje you should head to some of the city’s museums. There are several that tell you more about the history of Skopje and Macedonia as a whole including the Museum of Macedonia, and the Natural History Museum, while for art lovers there’s the Museum of Contemporary Arts Skopje.

When Should You Visit?:

Summers are warm and relatively dry with temperatures peaking in July and August when the average highs are around 31C. The rainiest months are during the autumn and spring, but temperatures are still quite warm. Winters are in contrast cold and wet and there’s quite often snow.

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