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image of BaltiBalti is a city in Moldova, second in importance to the capital, Chisinau, and third in terms of population. Balti is situated on the River Raut, and offers tourists historic attractions as well as modern facilities and architecture.

The local Balti International Airport (airport code: BZY) only handles charter flights to Balti so most commercial travellers arrive at the Iasi International Airport (code: IAS) which is located about 70 kilometres from downtown Balti. All flights to Balti have 2 connections when coming from Johannesburg. South African Airways goes through Munich and Timisoara, and Alitalia goes another way through Paris and Rome. KLM has another option, and has connections in Amsterdam and Bucharest.

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The Tourist Attractions of Balti:

Balti is around 130 kilometres north of Moldova’s capital, Chisinau, and is situated on the slopes of a hill and valley. It’s often known as the northern capital of Moldova because of its importance in terms of industry, commerce, culture and transport, though it isn’t too well known as tourist destination outside of the country. Tourists will find culture and a few attractions here in Balti, including an old town with some more traditional architecture, but there probably isn’t enough to keep most tourists busy for more than a couple of days.

Saint Nicolas Church

One of the main churches of Balti, and one of the older buildings for the city, is Saint Nicolas Church. The architecture is quite plain in many ways so you’d almost pass it by without realising this was a church. However, it was built in 1795 and has catholic influences in the design thanks to the background of the architect. The church is actually an orthodox church though.

Saint Constantine and Elena Cathedral

You’d be hard pushed to pass by Balti’s cathedral though, as this is a very beautiful building. Constructed in 1934 this orthodox cathedral is in the neo-Byzantine style with many arches and turquoise coloured domes. It’s in a lovely setting too, surrounded by trees, giving this Balti church a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

Other Churches in Balti

Balti also has several other notable churches, each with their own unique appeal. Saint Parascheva Church was built in 1933 and it has quite striking external architecture. The Armenian Saint Gregory Church is striking in a far plainer way. With its darker stone and terracotta coloured roof it has a simple beauty.

Culture in Balti

Balti has a couple of museums, including an art museum, but its culture really shines in the many theatres the city has. Balti is home to the National Theatre as well as several regional theatres, plus a puppet theatre.

Shopping and Nightlife in Balti

The central square of Balti is a popular meeting place for both visitors and tourists, and the adjoining streets have many of the city’s restaurants and caf├ęs. This is also a popular shopping district for tourists as there are numerous boutiques selling souvenirs and gifts.

For nightlife, Balti has two large nightclubs as well as bars to enjoy. Two of the largest nightclubs in northern Moldova are here in Balti.

When Should You Visit?:

Balti has quite a low year round rainfall, though the wettest months by far are June and July, so you may want to avoid them. August is drier and fairly hot with an average high of 26C, or May and September are good months to consider for warm weather too. Winters are cold however – the average high in January is below zero.

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