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image of PloiestiThe city of Ploiesti is situated in the Wallachia region of Romania, about 55 kilometres north of the country’s capital, Bucharest. Ploiesti is a fairly large city, but not exactly considered to be a tourist destination. The city grew around the oil industry and its main attractions are architectural and cultural.

The Henri Coanda International Airport (airport code: OTP) is just over 50 kilometres away and is the best arrival point for all international flights to Ploiesti. It is also still known by it’s recently replaced name of Bucharest Otopeni International Airport. South African Airways has a flight to Ploiesti from Johannesburg that connects in Munich, and British Airways has their stop-over in London. Air France is another choice, and their route connects in Paris.

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The Tourist Attractions of Ploiesti:

As a city, Ploiesti has gone through several booms when growth was rapid and there was large scale construction taking place. Ploiesti was first established in 1596 and by the 17th and 18th centuries, successful trade and the manufacture of handicrafts meant the city prospered. In the mid to late 1800s transportation routes were added, such as the Ploiesti to Brasov road, and the railway, again adding to the popularity of the city, and more buildings and services were added. Today, some of the buildings dating from these periods still stand and are the main historical landmarks in Ploiesti.

Ploiesti Landmarks
Among those landmarks are Ploiesti Cathedral, also called St John the Baptist Orthodox Cathedral. The attractive façade of this church has a striking stripy pattern and the towers and domes are very typical of orthodox architecture. The central clock tower is mounted with a copper dome and orthodox cross.

Another clock tower and landmark of the city is part of the Ploiesti Central Market Hall where you’ll find a variety of the city’s shops and places to eat, while to the front of this building is a city square where tourists and locals come to sit and watch the world go by.

Ploiesti Cultural Palace is an architectural and historical monument that features a grand façade with columns and a newly extended set of steps to lead visitors up to the doors.

Museums in Ploiesti
Ploiesti boasts several museums that tourists may find of interest. The Oil Museum obviously focuses on the city’s history with oil, giving visitors insight into how the industry developed here including the opening of the world’s first large scale oil refinery in 1857.

The Clock Museum, as the name suggests, has a focus on clocks and watches, while the Art Museum of Ploiesti has works donated by the Quintus family. There is also the Hagi Prodan Museum.

When Should You Visit?:

Summers are on the hot side in Ploiesti, peaking at n average high of 28C in July and August, and just one degree lower in June. The summer month with the lowest rainfall is August, though still come prepared with an umbrella if you visit Ploiesti then. Spring and autumn are short-lived but warm, while winters are quite cool, staying just above zero for the average high in January.

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