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Flights to Yekaterinburg

image of YekaterinburgYekaterinburg is located in central Russia and it’s the country’s fifth largest city. A major stop on the Trans-Siberian Railway, Yekaterinburg features a range of different architecture, churches, and culture.

Flights to Yekaterinburg will arrive at the Koltsovo Airport (airport code: SVX), which is about 16 kilometres outside of the city. It’s one of the largest airports in Russia, handling several million passengers each year. Even so, there are only a few flights to Yekaterinburg when coming from Johannesburg. Lufthansa makes 2 connections in Frankfurt and Prague, and South African Airways goes through Dubai and Moscow, as does Emirates Airlines. The duration of flights to Yekaterinburg can range from 20 to 30 hours from South Africa.

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The Tourist Attractions of Yekaterinburg:

Yekaterinburg was founded in 1723 and named after Saint Catherine. The following decades were a grand time of the city as several of its still standing landmarks were built during this period, and remain popular attractions to this day.

Kharitonov Palace
Kharitonov Palace is one of these landmarks. It’s a magnificent looking palace that was built after being commissioned in 1794 by Lev Rastorguyev. In 1824 it passed to his son in law, Pyotr Kharitonov and he added to the palace including an attractive English park within the grounds.

Ural State University
If you enjoy the grand architecture of the palace then the similarly styled architecture of the Ural State University will be of interest too. Not only is the university building attractive, but it’s set within a neighbourhood of numerous historical homes so makes a nice place for a stroll.

Church on the Blood
Known as Church on the Blood but officially named ‘Church on the Blood in Honour of All Saints Resplendent in the Russian Land’ this church was built between 2000 and 2003 on the site where the former Emperor Nicholas II of Russia and several family members were executed in 1918. The site formerly held the Ipatiev House (where they were executed) but it was demolished in 1977 and in 1990 the land was given to the Russian Orthodox Church.

QWERTY Monument
The QWERTY Monument is certainly a quirky monument! Set on the river bank in Yekaterinburg this monument is basically a giant keyboard made out of chunks of white stone that represent the keys on a keyboard and have the letters are other characters carved into them!

This aptly named building is the home of numerous circus shows that are held regularly in Yekaterinburg. Check the schedules to see if there are any shows while you’re visiting, otherwise come and see this ornate building anyway.

When Should You Visit?:

For sightseeing in Yekaterinburg you should visit during the short summer, between June and August. Temperatures are pleasant at this time of year and are highest in July when the average high is 24C. Yekaterinburg is fairly dry though May to September are marginally wetter than the rest of the year. Unless you want to experience very cold weather don’t come during the winter, November to April, as the average high in January is -10C and average low is -16.8C.

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