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image of NisNis is Serbia’s third largest city and it’s situated on the Nisava River in the south east of the country. Nis is one of the oldest cities in the Balkans Region and for centuries it has been considered as the gateway between the East and the West. Today it is becoming a better known tourist destination within Serbia, offering history, culture and more.

Nis is served by the Nis Constantine the Great Airport (airport code: INI) that is just 4 kilometres outside the downtown core of the city. Despite the convenient location, there are no flights to Nis coming from South Africa, because at this time the number of flights to Nis are limited. You will have to fly to Podgorica Airport (code: TGD) in Montenegro, and then arrange for a local flight to Nis with Montenegro Airlines. To Podgorica, you can get a 2-stop flight with British Airways that connects in London and then Vienna.

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The Tourist Attractions of Nis:

Standing at a crossroads between East and West Nis has always been an important city, and even today it’s a crossroads for highways and roads connecting the Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea, and Asia Minor to Europe. Nis has suffered some destruction in various wars but despite this there are still a good number of historical attractions dating back to ancient times and up to the present day. Some of the best known and most popular landmarks include the following:

Skull Tower
As the name suggests this tower is quite literally made of skulls! It was built by the Ottoman Empire following their victory over a Serbian uprising against the Ottomans in 1809. The Ottomans collected up the skulls of 952 insurrectionists and built a tower with them, completing the tower with the skull of the commanding officer, Stevan Sindelic. The tower deteriorated over the next few decades due to weather and the removal of skulls by relatives for burial until in 1892 a chapel was built around the tower to preserve it. Today there are only 58 skulls remaining including Sindelic’s.

Nis Fortress
Another Turkish legacy in Nis is the Nis Fotress. This was built by the Turks in the beginning of the 1700s though the site is far older than that, dating back over two thousand years. The fortress has been very well preserved and is one of the best examples in the Balkans with its moat and most of the walls and gates remaining.

Nis Fortress originally dates back to Roman times but an attraction that’s far more obviously Roman is Mediana. This is an archaeological site from the late Roman period that’s just outside the city centre. It was a luxurious residence with a villa, Roman baths, water tower and granary. You can still see some beautiful mosaics and numerous walls of the original structures.

Tinkers Alley
In the centre of Nis is a well known street called Tinkers Alley. It was built in the early 18th century and at one time was full of tinkers, and other craftsmen. Only a small portion of this Ottoman era alley still exists but it offers a great look at the architecture of the time. Today it’s a popular street both for its historical and architectural value and because it’s now lined with nice cafés and restaurants.

When Should You Visit?:

Nis is a pleasant city to visit during the summer when temperatures are warm. From June to September you can expect average high temperatures of 25C and higher. Winters are short and relatively mild with an average high of 4C in January.

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