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image of FribourgKnown as Fribourg in French, or Freiburg in German, this city lies on the cultural divide between French and German speaking Switzerland. Fribourg has one of the best preserved old towns in the country and it is this that attracts the most tourists to visit this attractive Swiss city.

There is no local airport for flights to Fribourg, but the Bern-Belp Airport (airport code: BRN) is about an hour away. You have many flights to choose from, with either 1 or 2 connections in the route. South African Airways connects once in Munich, which is the same flight to Fribourg you can get with Lufthansa. KLM goes another way altogether, transferring first in Amsterdam and then in Paris. Virgin Atlantic also has a 2-stop flight to Fribourg with connections in London and Paris.

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The Tourist Attractions of Fribourg:

Fribourg Old City
Not only is Fribourg Old City one of the best preserved old towns in Switzerland, it is also one of the largest in Europe. Set on a peninsula above the River Saane, Fribourg Old City is actually surrounded on three sides by this river. Bridges link the two sides and mark the divide between French and German speaking Switzerland. Most of the architecture in Fribourg Old City is gothic and pre-16th century, and it’s a wonderful place to simply wander around, finding interesting buildings, fountains and churches.

Fribourg Old City is well known for its fortifications which are among the most important historically for Switzerland, and other landmarks include the cathedral and town hall.

Fribourg Cathedral, aka the Cathedral of St Nicolas, is the dominating landmark of the old town. The church was started in 1283 and completed in 1430, and was originally just a parish church. It was made into a cathedral in 1945.

Fribourg Funicular
Powered by the city’s waste water since 1899, Fribourg’s funicular has long been a popular tourist attraction! It runs between the Neueville district and the upper city and along the way gives passengers a beautiful view of the Old City.

Museums in Fribourg
If you enjoy museums, or are visiting Fribourg on a rainy day, there are several in the city to head for. The Museum of Art and History is one of the more major museums in Fribourg and it features ancient and early history with artefacts on display, as well as various art forms. Visitors who like art can also visit the Espace Jean Tinguely Niki de Saint Phalle where there are works by this artist as well as temporary exhibitions.

For something a bit different there’s the Cardinal Beer Museum where you can find out about the history of brewing in Fribourg.

When Should You Visit?:

The warmest months in Fribourg also unfortunately coincide with the wettest months, so make sure you bring rainy weather clothing if you’re visiting in the summer. July is a little drier than the surrounding months, and it’s also warmest with an average high of 23.5C. Spring and autumn are short seasons and winter comes quickly in Fribourg. During this time temperatures drop and it’s still somewhat wet, making winter possibly a time to avoid.

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