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The US state of California is situated on the along the western coast of the country, fronting the Pacific Ocean. To the north is the state of Oregon, to the east is Nevada and to the south east is Arizona, whilst south of California is Mexico. California has long been popular with visitors from around the world because of its many great attractions – cities, mountains, forests and more!

International flights to California from South Africa are offered to large cities including Los Angeles (airport code: LAX), San Francisco (airport code: SFO) and San Diego (airport code: SAN). Which airport you choose a flight to will really depend on your ultimate destination. Flights to California will be indirect and are available with one or two connections. Your journey from South Africa to California can be taken with a variety of airlines, including South African Airways, Lufthansa, Northwest Airlines, KLM, British Airways, American Airlines, Swiss, Emirates, Delta Air Lines, and BMI.

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The Tourist Attractions in California:

California is the third largest state by land area in the US though has the greatest population. An ideal holiday in California would involve renting a car and driving the whole length of the state which is 1,240 kilometres (770 miles) from end to end, though in order to see everything in detail you would need to spend a lot of time here!

Here are some of the highlights of California:

Los Angeles

The largest city in California is Los Angeles and is situated in the south of the state. Best known for being the centre of the US movie industry and for being the home of many rich and famous celebrities, Los Angeles also benefits from great weather and great beaches! Obviously Hollywood itself is an attraction and a visit to Universal Studios is highly recommended. Also in Anaheim, on the outskirts of LA is Disneyland, the original Disney theme park.

San Diego

A little further south from LA is San Diego. This is also a coastal city though not as large as LA. Many people who are staying in San Diego take advantage of the closeness of Mexico and cross over the border for a day trip to Tijuana.

Palm Springs

North east of San Diego is Palm Springs. Situated in the desert, Palm Springs enjoys hot weather all year round and has somewhat of an elite status. Golfers will enjoy staying here as there are many golf courses and luxurious hotels and resorts.

Sierra Nevada

North of the desert are the mountains of California. In stark contrast to the desert these contain forests, lakes and skiing! The most famous skiing area in California is Lake Tahoe, though this is also a very popular summer destination too for its great scenery. The Sierra Nevada is also home to Yosemite National Park with its beautiful forests, waterfalls and famous mountains though you should also take time to visit the other national parks nearby, the twinned Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park is definitely worth a stop with the world’s largest trees.

San Francisco

West of Yosemite on the coast is San Francisco. The city of San Francisco is hugely popular and has a great many attractions including the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Wharf, Chinatown and the Presidio.

When Should You Visit?:

Good question, and a difficult one to answer! In the south of California, including LA and San Diego, plus places like Palm Springs, temperatures are warm all year round, though obviously summer (June to August) will be the hottest times. Winter may be a little on the cool side for swimming. Visiting places like Yosemite would be better from spring through to autumn as there isn’t full access to parts of the park during the winter. Lake Tahoe can be visited any time of year depending on what you want to do here! San Francisco can have varied weather throughout the year but the best time to visit is the summer for warmer and dryer weather.

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