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The United States of America, commonly known just as the USA, is situated in the central portion of North America, bounded by Mexico to the south and Canada to the north. It is the world’s third largest country and has the third highest population, yet despite the high population much of the USA remains untouched wilderness.

The USA has a huge number of airports across the country because flying from city to city is a very popular form of transport. However, there are several large hubs across the country which will generally serve international flights to the USA. Once you arrive at one of these hubs you can change planes and travel almost anywhere within the USA!

For flights to USA from South Africa the main hubs would be New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles and San Francisco. There are many flight options available to you for one or two stop flights to many cities within the USA, though if you prefer a direct flight from Johannesburg, United Airlines offers direct flights to New York’s JFK. Other than United you can choose from most of the world’s major airlines to buy a flight to the USA – these include American Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Swiss, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, South African Airways, Lufthansa, Northwest Airlines, KLM, Air France, Delta, British Airways and BMI.

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The Tourist Attractions in The USA:

Being such a large country there are countless tourist attractions across the whole of the USA. Many visitors will decide to focus their time touring just one small area and for this reason fly-drive holidays are particularly popular with many visitors. The USA’s cities are also great destinations, and many of them have plenty enough attractions to keep you busy for a week or more.

As a quick guide, here are some of the parts of the USA you should definitely see:

New England

This region on the north east coast of the USA is particularly popular in the autumn because of the beautiful ‘fall’ colours on the trees. Other than at this time of year New England is steeped in history as it was here that the United States began. Boston is the region’s most popular city.


Just to the south of New England is the Mid-Atlantic region. This includes the hugely popular New York City as well as the nation’s capital, Washington, DC, and Philadelphia. Seaside resorts like those on Long Island, New Jersey and Atlantic City are popular too.


Known for its hot and humid weather, Southern hospitality, blues and jazz, the South of the USA has much history too in the cities like New Orleans with its historic French Quarter.


Further south still is Florida. Best known for Disney World in the Orlando area, plus the popular Miami, Everglades and the Keys.


The Midwest region includes states like Illinois, Iowa, Michigan and Minnesota and is home to one of the country’s largest cities, Chicago. The region is dominated by the Great Lakes in the north.


In a world of its own, Texas is the second largest state (behind Alaska). Texas is generally famous for being ’large’ and includes cities like Dallas and Houston and is famous for its cattle ranching!

Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains region includes Colorado and north up to Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Here you’ll find some of the most spectacular scenery in the country with plenty of things to see and do.


One of the USA’s most impressive natural features is the Grand Canyon in Arizona, though this region also includes cities like Las Vegas and Phoenix.


Sitting on the coast, California has many of the USA’s best attractions. Cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, famous beaches, national parks and more.

Pacific Northwest

North of California are the states of Washington and Oregon where more great scenery is abundant and popular cities like Seattle draw the visitors.

The other regions of the USA are Alaska, the country’s largest state; Hawaii, 2,300 miles (3680 km) south west of California, and the Great Plains.

When Should You Visit?:

Being such a large country the climate varies immensely across the USA so when you visit will depend on where you’re going and what you want to do. The south of the USA, particularly Florida, stays warm all year round. Further north, summers are pleasant though winters can get quite cool and snow is common in many parts. In southern California the climate is mild all year round too, though further north along the Pacific coast it’s renowned for being quite wet. Best thing to do is some research!

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