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image of SavannahSavannah is a grand old city in the Southern US state of Georgia. The city was the first colonial and state capital of Georgia and has a very rich heritage that makes this a popular tourist destination.

The Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport (airport code: SAV) doesn’t actually take any direct international flights to Savannah, so all flights from South Africa will need a transfer stop in another US city first. You can get a flight to Savannah with South African Airways or Virgin Atlantic that has transfers in London and New York City. Or if you fly with Delta Airlines, you will have to make your connections in Atlanta and Baltimore. The total travel time to Savannah will be around 26 hours.

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The Tourist Attractions in Savannah:

Savannah’s main attraction is the city’s history which includes one of the largest National Historic Landmark Districts in the country. Unlike many other Southern cities that were largely destroyed during the American Civil War Savannah was spared, making this one of the few cities in this region with many antebellum houses still remaining.

Because Savannah is literally bursting with historic charm there are dozens of notable homes, buildings and streets to explore here. Below are just a few of the sights you can see on your visit to Savannah.

The Mercer-Williams House Museum
Open to the public for tours the Mercer-Williams House is one of the city’s most famous homes because of a murder which took place here. The story was retold in the 1994 novel ‘Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil’.

The Squares of Savannah
Savannah has 21 historic squares that were laid out when the city was being built. Each square had houses and commercial premises surrounding it so that each was like a village, called a ward. Originally there were 24 squares, but two have been lost to modern construction while the third is being restored. Each square has a character of its own and though you may not want to explore all 21 of them if you have time, a visit to the squares makes a nice walking tour.

Fort James Jackson
Usually shortened to just Fort Jackson, this historic fort is situated about one mile outside the city centre. It was built in the early 1800’s to protect Savannah from attack from the water, and was restored in the 1970’s. You can now visit the fort and the Fort Jackson Maritime Museum that is housed here.

City Market
In the northwest corner of the historic district is the restored City Market. This is a popular place to go for both locals and visitors to Savannah with its mixed use attractions including stores and galleries, places to eat, and a lively atmosphere.

Telfair Museum of Art
Also with Savannah’s historic district is the Telfair Museum of Art. This was the first public art museum in the Southern United States, opening in 1886. There are now 4,500 works here which include sculptures, paintings, and works on paper from American and European artists.

When Should You Visit?:

Hot and humid summers are typical of the South, and Savannah is no exception! From June to September expect average high temperatures of 30C and above, high humidity, and a high level of rainfall, hence summer may not be the best time to visit Savannah! Rainfall is still high the rest of the year but significantly less than what falls between June and September. The city stays warm throughout the year though, keeping an average high of 16C even in January, the coolest month.

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