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Although separated from the US mainland by 3,200 kilometres (2000 miles) of Pacific Ocean, Hawaii is in fact the 50th US state and was the last state to be admitted to the union, doing so in 1959. Hawaii is an archipelago made up of 19 volcanic islands. There are eight larger islands, six of which are open for tourism.

Honolulu (airport code: HNL) is where flights to Hawaii from South Africa will arrive. Various airlines offer indirect flights to Hawaii. For one stop travelling choose from airlines such as Delta Air Lines, Qantas Airways or South African Airways. Flights with two connections can be taken with United Airlines, Air France, British Airways, Lufthansa, Cathay Pacific Airways, BMI, American Airlines, or Virgin Atlantic Airways.

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The Tourist Attractions in Hawaii:

The main attractions of Hawaii have always been the weather and the scenery, meaning Hawaii remains a popular destination for visitors looking for a relaxing beach type holiday, but one which can be combined with enjoying the natural scenery and taking in some of the Hawaiian culture.

The main three islands for tourism are Hawaii, Oahu and Maui. The island of Hawaii is very often called the Big Island so as to avoid confusion with Hawaii as a whole.

Hawaii, the Big Island

As the name suggests, this is the largest island and because of volcanic activity it is actually growing in size! Two of the world’s largest mountains are situated here as well as the world’s most active volcanoes.

Although this is the largest island it’s not the most inhabited and has large areas of untouched lands. The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is a popular destination where, as well as the volcanic landscapes and craters, there is a visitor centre and museum.

The largest city on the Big Island is Hilo, and this is the second largest city in Hawaii state. Other destinations include the resort town of Waikoloa, plus national historic trails, parks and sites to visit.


Although Oahu is the third largest island it is the most popular in terms of tourism and is also the most populated with over 85 of the entire state’s population living here.

Honolulu is the largest city and also state capital. This is a busy city with many attractions including nightlife, entertainment, shopping, restaurants and more so if you’re looking for a typical Hawaii retreat Honolulu is not it! However, there are many great beaches on Oahu and numerous resorts including the famous Waikiki Beach, or if you want a much quieter experience you can also find out of the way resorts too.


Maui is the second largest island and many visitors will tell you it’s the nicest! This is an island of mountains, valleys, rainforests and vineyards. The main tourist centre is Lahaina but there are also a number of other towns and resort areas where you can stay. Wailuku is a nice town with historic buildings and is the gateway to the Iao Valley State Park.

When Should You Visit?:

Hawaii has a tropical climate but it’s moderated by trade winds blowing from the east. Though this is the climate in general, actual local climates can vary hugely from one island, and even one beach, to the next. The temperatures don’t vary much throughout the year, the only real differences will be in the amount of rainfall. In Honolulu for example the average ranges from the high 20’s C to the low 30’s C from summer to winter.

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