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Nevada is a US state, situated in the west of the country where it borders with California, Utah, Arizona, Oregon and Idaho. Nevada is best known for the bustling city of Las Vegas and for its desert terrains.

Las Vegas (airport code: LAS) is where international flights to Nevada are welcomed. Your journey to Nevada will be indirect with one or two stops. Numerous major world airlines provide travellers with one stop flights to Nevada from South Africa. Choose from airlines such as Virgin Atlantic Airways, South African Airways, British Airways, BMI, and Delta Air Lines. Flight routes differ according to the airlines but most fly via London Gatwick or Atlanta.

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The Tourist Attractions in Nevada:

Cities in Nevada

There are multiple cities in Nevada though often the first one to spring to tourists minds is Las Vegas. Vegas will be covered below, but visitors to the state shouldn’t overlook the other cities here altogether.

Carson City is the capital of Nevada, where attractions include the Nevada State Capitol Complex, Nevada State Museum, Nevada State Governor’s Mansion and Nevada State Railroad Museum.

Along with Las Vegas, Reno is also well known for its ‘gaming’ i.e. casinos and gambling, and although it’s nothing like the size of Vegas right now, there are numerous impressive resorts here.

Las Vegas

This huge city has seen great growth in the last few decades in terms of both residential developments and super resorts associated with the gambling and entertainment side of Las Vegas. The city is the most popular attraction in Nevada and even if you’re not interested in gambling it’s a place which you must visit on your travels around the state!

The main attraction is the super resorts – places like MGM, Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace, Luxor, Paris, New York New York and more are great just to look at and marvel over, but many of them have their own attractions too. A scaled version of the Eiffel Tower for example, a roller coaster at New York New York, the famous Fountains of Bellagio are just a few of the things you can see and do. The city also features a tall tower, called Stratosphere, from which you get great views over the city and beyond, and then there’s all the entertainment which Vegas is famous for too. You could easily spend several weeks just in Vegas and not get to see everything!

Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam is a spectacle which visitors to Nevada must see. Here you can find out more about the construction of this huge dam which was an engineering marvel of its time when it was built in 1935. Visit the visitor centre, but also pay for one of the tours as these give you a look ‘inside’ the dam!

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Lake Mead was created by the construction of the Hoover Dam. If you want to get away from the cities for a while this is a nice place where there’s camping and recreation such as boating.

When Should You Visit?:

Nevada is generally renowned for its hot climate as much of the state is desert after all! But with desert comes colder weather too, and although the season is short, especially around Las Vegas, there is a winter here and snow does sometimes fall! Summertime average highs (July / August) often reach 40C (104F), whilst winter time highs can get up to a pleasant 20C (69F), with winter night time lows going down to 3C (37F).

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