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North Dakota is in the Midwestern United States in the Great Plains region. It has one of the lowest populations in the whole country, yet it’s quite a large state, meaning visitors will see vast areas of empty land, mingled in with cities and other attractions.

Flights to North Dakota from South Africa are welcomed in any number of the states airports. North Dakota has four international airports in Fargo (airport code: FAR), Grand Forks (airport code: GFK), Minot (airport code: MOT), and Williston (airport code: ISN). International flights to North Dakota are indirect with two stops. Choose from airlines such as Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, South African Airways, and Northwest Airlines.

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The Tourist Attractions in North Dakota:


Bismarck is the capital of North Dakota, and the largest building in the state is actually the North Dakota State Capitol Building. This art deco styled building was built in 1933 after the original building burnt down. The skyscraper design is quite unique amongst US Capitol buildings, and the views from the top if you go on the tour are quite something!

A range of other attractions in the capital include the state historic site of Camp Hancock; the largest museum in the state, North Dakota Heritage Center; Dakota Zoo and the Old Governor’s Mansion.


The largest city in North Dakota is Fargo, and features numerous museums such as Bonanzaville, USA and the Plains Art Museum. The Celebrity Walk of Fame is like the one in Hollywood where stars leave their hand prints, footprints and autographs – there are more than 100 of them altogether.

Devils Lake

Devils Lake is the largest lake in North Dakota and also the name of the nearest small town. This is a popular area for outdoor recreation, and activities include camping, hiking, biking, boating, fishing and more, plus there are many scenic drives in the area.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Theodore Roosevelt National park is named after the former President of the USA who actually owned and worked on a ranch for a period in this area. The ranch (Elkhorn ranch) is now preserved within the park which covers and entire area of 285 square kilometres (110 sq miles). Along with the ranch (though not much of this exists anymore) there are three areas of badlands within the park which you can explore via scenic drives. There are also hiking and horse trails to enjoy.

Other North Dakota Attractions

There are various other attractions in the state, both natural and man made. Rugby is an interesting little city to visit as this sits at the geographical centre of the United States, and the place is of course marked with a memorial.

The Turtle Mountains are one of North Dakota’s scenic areas and are situated in the north along the border with the Canadian province of Manitoba. One of the most popular attractions here is the International Peace Garden which is situated on the Manitoba border. This is a large park which is particularly attractive in the summer.

When Should You Visit?:

North Dakota has a continental climate and can therefore suffer from extremes, most notably hot summers and cold winters. Fargo, for example, has an average high in July (summer) of 28C and low of 15C. During the winter, the average high is just -9C in January, and the average low -19C.

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