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image of ChesapeakeThe city of Chesapeake is the second largest city in the US state of Virginia by land size, and the third largest by population. Situated in the upmarket Hampton Roads area of Virginia, Chesapeake offers visitors a variety of attractions.

The Chesapeake Regional Airport (airport code: CPK) is mainly used for local air traffic, so you won’t find any international flights to Chesapeake landing here. If you want to get a flight to Chesapeake from South Africa, you’ll have to arrive at the Norfolk International Airport (code: ORF) instead. British Midland, Virgin Atlantic and South African Airways all have the same 2-stop flight with connections in London and New York City. If you don’t want to transfer in London, you could fly with Delta Airlines and stop in Atlanta and New York.

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The Tourist Attractions in Chesapeake:

Chesapeake was formed as a city in 1963 and was named by referendum votes. Despite the name, Chesapeake is not actually situated on the famous Chesapeake Bay but it does sit to the north of this vast estuary and would be a good base for visitors to the area, wanting to explore both Chesapeake Bay and the famous Hampton Roads region.

As well as being well situated to explore this part of Virginia, Chesapeake does also have a few of its own attractions to offer tourists too.

Chesapeake Waterways
If you’re keen on spending time on the water this is one of the United States’ most popular places to come for it! Chesapeake Bay obviously offers miles upon miles of open water where you can enjoy sailing and all sorts of other water based activities, but here in the city of Chesapeake there are a couple of waterways you can make use of too if you don’t want to go out on the open water.

Dismal Swamp Canal may sound uninviting but this is actually a very picturesque waterway, perfect for slowly cruising along, taking in the scenery and the wildlife that you pass by. Opened in 1805 this is the oldest continually operating man-made canal in the USA, so you’ll be part of history too when you enjoy this canal!

Visit the Dismal Swamp Canal Visitor Centre, either by road or via water, as here you can find out more about the history of this canal and its uses over the years.

In addition to the Dismal Swamp Canal there is also the Albemarle and Chesapeake Canal in the Chesapeake city area. This is also an old canal, built in 1860 for the purpose of linking Chesapeake Bay with Albemarle Sound.

Chesapeake Arboretum
As well as the canals a popular attraction in this city is the Chesapeake Arboretum. Compared to many arboretums across the country this one is actually quite young as it was established in 1996. However this doesn’t mean all the trees are young as the arboretum was established around a mature hardwood forest where there are some lovely forest trails to enjoy, plus a theme and demonstration gardens.

When Should You Visit?:

Late spring and early autumn are a good time to visit Chesapeake as the area is a little quieter from tourists and the weather is pleasant. Humidity and rainfall are lower during these seasons whereas summer has the most rainfall and the highest humidity. July and August and the wettest months, despite the fact that July is the hottest month of the year, with an average high of 31C. Winters are mild and there’s usually a small amount of snowfall each year.

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